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Brilix is a Learning - Focused Social Media Community Platform where a Learner can Connect with the Learners of the same goal, learn with them together, ask their questions, and help each other. You can connect with millions of learners having the same interests and goals around the globe, access thousands of free notes on different topics and categories, ask your questions, help others by sharing your knowledge, earn badges, access hundreds of premium and exclusive notes curated by subject matter experts, upload your notes and generate revenue for yourself, manage your library like never before, get kindle like reading experience with world-class reading tools. And a creator can monetize their content to generate revenue out of that.

Brilix who we are

What's New

Learn with Brilix Learn

Brilix provides a learner with infinite opportunities to learn new and exciting topics relevant to him. A learner can explore thousands of free notes on the platform uploaded by learners and creators. Learners can access lots of insightful gist information, documents, posts, and questions & answers. Brilix subject matter experts have designed exclusive premium content to read for different categories and topics at affordable prices. you can ask your questions and get solutions from millions of relevant learners.


Earn with Brilix Earn

A Creator can earn by uploading his notes and content. any learner can be a creator on Brilix. For the first time in history a learner can get recognition and earn (real money) for his notes. upload your notes, select the right topic, and boom you are eligible to earn a lifetime out of your notes. A learner will earn according to views coming on his notes. more earning opportunities will be unlocked soon on Brilix, we are working and achieved a level already. don't forget to build a niche-specific fan following on the brilix community as this is the only community that will help you to earn more in the upcoming time.


Brilix Library My Library

Manage your library on the brilix app like never before. My library feature will help you to manage your uploaded post, images, polls, insights, questions & answers in a well structured manner. you can access your uploaded items, mentioned items, and saved items as well in the same library. there is a deep search tool in the library, it will help you to ease discovery. whenever you find any learning useful in any form post, image or document then you can always save it and can find it in my library. My library will also help you to manage badges you have earned, number of followers, and following. much more is coming soon.


Brilix Store Store

Brilix store is a one-stop solution to find exclusive premium notes prepared by subject matter experts from top-tier colleges. Here you can find hundreds of premium content at affordable prices. different types of premium content like notes, courses, and much more will be added to the brilix store soon. Each document will open in advance reading tools to make your reading experience pro. We are developing Brilix coins and will reveal soon, you will be able to take discounts by using brilix coins in the store.


Brilix Reading Tool Kindle like reading Tools

Brilix makes your reading experience flawless and practical. you can access thousands of free documents and hundreds of premium documents. We have developed advanced reading tools to make your learning and reading experience smoother. You can do various activities in documents like font resizing, zoom in & out, highlight, bookmark, in-built search in documents, and much more. We are developing more advanced features to make your reading experience more smoother and practical.

Brilix Reading Tool

Brilix Free Notes Thousands of Free notes

Brilix has thousands of exclusive free notes, which you can explore topic-wise and read any of them and grow. Thousands of relevant documents and notes on different categories and topics are available on brilix to read. Whenever you read a document, the creator of those notes will earn. and in this way you are also supporting creative work and hard work put in those notes by creators. This will motivate creators and they will upload better notes more frequently. so in this manner we ensure you always get new and updated notes on Brilix, whenever you are coming to the platform.

Brilix Reading Tool

Join Our Community!

Brilix community is a learning-focused social media community for billions of learners and millions of creators. In the Brilix community, any learner around the globe who has a passion to grow, wants to learn something new and exciting, wants to help other learners around the world and gets rewarded can join. In the Brilix community, there are infinite learning and growth opportunities, this is an ecosystem community where a learner can learn, connect with other same goal learners, and can also earn by his content, activities like answering questions of other people. In the Brilix community, you will find millions of same-goal learners and will always find new learning opportunities and insights every time you open it. While learning you can make money and Brilix provides you with earning opportunities from learning for the first time in history. Your learning hard work efforts will be recognized in the form of badges and rewards in the community. You can make your learning niche followers that have the same intent as you by helping them and then you can monetize it in various ways. In the Brilix community, one can post learning insights in the form of text, blogs, or images. You can always ask your questions in the brilix community and each question is segregated by the topics and hashtags so that relevant questions go to relevant users for answers. First time in history you can earn from your notes lifetime, you have to upload your notes on the brilix community and choose relevant topics and hashtags, and boom you are eligible to earn lifetime from your notes. You can always find new and thousands of free notes every time you open brilix on the relevant category you follow and belongs to. You can find daily motivation and inspirational quotes and stories to push your boundaries in the brilix app. Let’s join together and make brilix the world’s largest and first learning community built from India for the globe.

Brilix who we are

Our Products

Brilix is a Learning - Focused Social Media Community Platform where a Learner can Connect with the Learners of the same goal, learn with them together, ask their questions, and help each other.


Brilix is a community platform for billions of learners and millions of creators. Where learners can connect with other learners of the same goal, ask their questions, learn together, and find thousands of free notes of different topics and categories, creators can upload notes to earn revenue. It is built from India for the world with its unique and new user experience, culture, values, and other features.
A great team led by a humble leader. Two founders, Ex-Unacademy Rohit Agrawal (Founder & CEO), Vipin Sharma (Founder & COO), and Two Co-founders, Kapil Nawani (Co-founder & CTO) Tushar Kansal (Co-founder & CFO).

Rohit and Vipin met during Unacademy days and found a strong gap in current edtech players and social media products. There was no social platform for learning niche, and they are trying to solve CVA ( Community & Collaboration, Vernacularity, and affordability).
Rohit Agrawal is a humble leader, Physics enthusiast, obsessed learner, technology enthusiast, and has been a very famous influencer Physics teacher on YouTube and Ex-unacademy. Have been the founder and co-founder in a few startups Like SP-Technosoft, HelloBachho and developed MarksUpp along with Vipin.

Vipin Sharma has worked with almost each and every edtech giant and closely observed their working models and operations from deep inside. He is Ex-Unacademy (Educator in Chief at Unacademy)..... Vipin is one of the most famous teachers in India and has been selected in Top 50 students by UNESCO around the globe. He is Ed.D Recipient, Author of 5 Bestselling books in biology, Among Top 50 Students of the World by Chegg, Researcher, Bibliophile, Asian Record Holder, MHRD Innovation Cell Member.....

Tushar Kansal is a strong leader in finance and fundraising. He has served in senior positions in Corporate Finance at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brand Capital (ToI), Aircel & was Head (Debt Management) at MTS India. He raised more than $2.5 billion complex structured debt from International and Indian Banks. He launched the startup in end-2014, before which he served as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of DLI (Distribution Logistics Infrastructure), owned by Guggenheim; a $200 billion US Private Equity (PE) Fund. and have mentored more than 5000 startups in his last six years of kansaltancy journey. He met during networking, and now he is our co-founder, CFO, and fundraising head.

Kapil Nawani is a technology Leader who is R&D Driven with an active interest in learning about new and upcoming tech. He has a total tech experience of 15+ years, spanning multiple positions. He had been a junior developer, a founder, a CTO, a tech architect. He has hands-on experience in web and mobile development and understands the developer's mindset and management's desires. He has played the bridge between the management, who are mostly interested in ROIs, and the developers, who need clear and precise instructions on what to build and how to make. He has AWS experience of more than eight years. Most of his expertise involves helping Startups and Media giants cater to the ever-growing traffic by designing scalable architectures using modern architecture standards. He closely follows Instagram, Uber, Facebook, and other engineering blogs to learn about global architecture standards. He had been involved with a few startups. He helped modify their existing architecture and technology and helped them evolve to the world of Cloud computing. He had extensively worked with the following AWS Components. He is an AWS Certified Solution Architect (credential can be verified online).

  • 1) Lambda/Serverless Node JS
  • 2) Elastic Search
  • 3) EC2, ELB, Auto Scaling, S3, Cloudfront, Cloudformation
  • 4) Elastic Cache, SQS, Kinesis (Data analytics)
  • 5) Rekognition, IoT, MQTT
  • 6) App Sync, Cognito, Amplify, IAM, and other Mobile App services
  • 7) RDS, DynamoDB, Cassandra on EC2

He has LAMP and MEAN/MERN stack knowledge and has recently used serverless framework with NodeJS for implementing highly optimized and distributed microservices architecture using Lambda and SQS. he also has basic knowledge of security standards and has done penetration man-in-the-middle (MITM) testing for companies like policy bazaar, sagoon, indialends, etc.
Brilix is built from India but for the world with no locality & user base restrictions. So, simply an app from India for the world. But initially, we are onboarding Indian users only till achieving Product-market fit.
Brilix is available on the google play store and will launch on the Apple app store in the upcoming few months.
Yes, we envision building the app with a great positive culture with several content moderations & restricting the anonymous users. It’s safe for everyone to use.